• Frontiers

    Enneagram Colorado has a mission to make known the existence and value of the Enneagram to most organizations and communities within our state.  Frontiers are focused efforts where this work is carried out.  Is there a Frontier that you could be involved with?

  • Sandie Coutts, Lead

    Our mission is to introduce/expand utilization of the Enneagram in businesses and organizations in Colorado. We can connect you to resources for individual, team and organizational development, teaching Enneagram classes and providing executive coaching. 

    If you are affiliated with a business or organization that would benefit from Enneagram resources, please contact Sandie at

  • Kayla Nobilini, Lead
    Spiritual Communities

    Our mission is to educate spiritual communities in Colorado about the Enneagram and the resources Enneagram Colorado provides for spiritual formation, congregational health, and staff relationships.

     If you are a member of a spiritual community and would like to be our liaison to offer Enneagram resources to your community, please contact Kayla at

  • Bev Johnson, Ph.D.
    Personal and Organizational Development, University of Maryland, Formerly with National Education Association, Certified by the National Training Laboratory, Certified by Enneagram Institute

    The Education Frontier’s mission is to help educators, parents, and students create school communities where everyone has a sense of belonging.  

    Peace, kindness, compassion, and harmony are the outcomes of understanding and appreciating human differences. This is the learning the Enneagram provides. It is the Curriculum of Being.

    We can serve as a resource for schools that want to begin Enneagram training – for teachers, for students, for parents – by helping you find qualified trainers/facilitators. 

    If you have interest or questions about bringing the Enneagram to your school please contact Bev at 

  • Talya Dash, MSW, LCSW, SEP
    Talya is a therapist with 10+ years of experience trained in a variety of therapeutic methods:  Somatic, Enneagram, Motivational Interviewing, Family Dynamics, Psycho-biological Approach to Couples Therapy, PACT, and her main modality is Somatic Experiencing® which is a body-awareness approach to trauma.

    The Therapists Frontier’s mission is to support therapists who are interested, or who are already using, the powerful clinical tool that is the Enneagram in various therapeutic settings. We also aim to create a community and peer support system. The Enneagram embraces all traditions and works well with virtually all forms and schools of therapy and change.

    If you have interest or questions about bringing the Enneagram to your school please contact Talya at 

  • Nancy Markow
    Enneagram Colorado Board Secretary, Enneagram Prison Project Mountain community leader, and the founder of Connecting You with YourSelf (CYWY) - a place to learn and grow with the Enneagram and more. 
    Special Events

    The Special Events Frontier focuses on inviting Enneagram professionals, from around the nation and globe, to present interesting topics for your growth and enjoyment. If you are an Enneagram professional and are interested in offering a workshop or presentation for our chapter, contact Nancy at